About Us

Welcome to MN Prime Cleaning Services, LLC! We’re the commercial and residential cleaning experts who offer fast, reliable, and affordable services in Burnsville, MN, and surrounding areas. Whatever your needs, we have the manpower, equipment, and expertise necessary to get the job done right. With our help, you can have a cleaner place without having to do the work yourself.

Our Core Values Are:

  • Work hard
  • Be honest
  • Always on time
  • Help others
  • Have fun

Our Vivid Vision

“It’s January 2nd, 2025. I’m in my office thinking of how far we’ve come and just being grateful for every person I’ve met in my journey to success. We have a special day of the week dedicated to my employees where I coach them on becoming an owner of their own cleaning business to become successful. I love helping out my employees, and they love working for me. We have a large core values board and a vision board on the wall where all of our employees put their core values to hold them accountable.

A podcaster is calling me to do a podcast with them because they want to know why my cleaning service company has been rated top 5 in the Twin Cities. The newspaper has excellent articles that talk about us. My customers are delighted with the service we provide, and they don’t think twice to refer us to their friends and family. I thank God for having great customers who appreciate our hard work to provide them with the best cleaning service ever. All the hard work and endless nights working on my business to solve our customer’s needs and provide them with the best solutions has been worth it.

I hear my employees laughing, having fun, remembering their success, and saying how blessed they are for working here. My sales team makes their last call of the day, setting up appointments for events/parties clean-ups. I’m so grateful for the team I have, and my team knows that I won’t let them down. We have a bomb chef who caters to all breakfast, lunches, and snacks every day- our employees love what we’re doing for them.

Four years ago, I was an employee working as a truck driver. Now my business has generated over $5,000,000 in revenue. I started a non-profit organization helping poor kids from El Salvador without a father or mother to receive education, food, and clothing. We are making a massive impact in other people’s lives every day, and it feels like a nonstop party.”

-Marvin Amaya, our founder

Our Full Range of Services

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Commercial Services

We can help you increase employee productivity and reduce disease spread in your workplace right away.

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Residential Services

Our technicians go the extra mile to clean every inch of your living space and remove allergens completely.

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